Critical Difference specializes in i2i: translating ideas into impact.

We recognise that when stuck, the first revolution is a new idea. This involves learning (the hard stuff) and enlarging both manager and company repertoire of responses.

We know how hard this can be. Apparently when scientists send rockets into space, a huge proportion of fuel is used in the first part of the journey simply to break free of the earth's gravity. Similarly when organisations are stuck in tramlines - they need ferocious energy to break free of their own habity.

We will help you get to the first change, an idea, then help you develop the rest, to apply new ideas to old company problems.

Some examples from organisations we have worked with:


Example 1

High and low risk

The client was working on a project on "How to get more diverse applicants for senior positions" in a particular sector. They began with a conventional idea of a "high (er) risk" applicant who might be younger, less experienced, from out of the sector etc.

However, this initial idea was soon reframed once we suggested that a far higher risk might be seeking applicants with a skillset similar to that of current leaders, and that all senior appointments carried some degree of risk to both candidate and organisation.

From these ideas it became apparent that there was far more scope for change than was initially considered.


Example 2

"I haven't got time."

Managers in one company responded to a change intervention with a blanket, defensive response of "We haven't got time..." Early on, we asked not "How much time do you need?" but "What type of time do you need": maintenance time (to do more of the same 26 hrs a day) or development time (to enable reflection on why you never seem to have any).

This initial, transformative question, though tougher, signalled the need for a more open approach, and enabled a further range of defensive barriers to improvement to emerge and begin to be addressed.


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